About Bio Carbon Capture

Bio Carbon Capture is about:

  1. Working with farms, mines, industry and greenhouse gas emitters
  2. To convert weeds, wood waste, agricultural waste and algae
  3. Into bioenergy, boutique timber, biochar for soil health, carbon sequestration, metallurgical charcoal and clean water.

Director Michael Longhurst is an applied scientist. He consults to farming, mining and greenhouse emitting industry to develop commercial and technical solutions to grow and convert biomass and waste into renewable energy, biofuels and charcoal products.

Michael’s focus is on developing regional biomass industries to provide secure energy, water, food and greenhouse gas reduction by managing biomass on farms, mine rehabilitation sites and rangelands. He has extensive experience in natural resource management including negotiating native vegetation management and woody weed outcomes, and river restoration.

Previously to working in natural resources, Michael designed and sold irrigation and farm water supply systems.

He has a B AppSc (EnvSc) and a Masters in Environmental Management and Restoration from Charles Sturt University.

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